1 Jul 2015

Out of My Catholic Mind: a New Address and Other Big Changes!

My Out of My Catholic Mind blog is only a few weeks old, and, already I’ve made some huge changes. After having a BIG blogging idea, I gave my blog a new domain name address, a snazzy new design and lots of extra content. (I added the best of my Sue Elvis Writes blog stories.)

I’d like to thank everyone who gave this blog such an enthusiastic welcome into the blogging world. Thank you for subscribing and following. I hope you’ll join me at the new address -

Out of My Catholic Mind (http://www.outofmycatholicmind.com/)

- so we can continue to share my new blogging adventure!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Sue,

    I took a peek at your new sight. It's very handsome design. I like it a lot. I've already got your new RSS feed in my mail app. Happy trails with your new site!